Advertising Your Home Business The Inexpensive Way

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Have you heard the expression: “You have to spend money to make money!”? Anyone who has ever owned a business knows that this saying is true. If you are going to create a work from home venture, you will confront this concept while you are developing your strategy for home business success. Advertising will be one of the major financial challenges that you will encounter.

Marketing is the most important investment that you will experience on the road to prosperity for your home based business. You will be devoting your time, your effort and your capital to creating a successful advertising campaign. There will be expenses because your potential customers will not find you unless you advertise. If your marketing budget is small you need to discover inexpensive methods for attracting people to your home business. Is there any way that you can advertise without getting a second mortgage on your home?

Yes! There are a variety of methods for introducing your home business to potential customers without having to spend a large amount of money. These ideas can be implemented at a small cost if you tackle them one at a time. Depending on your time and budget, pick the best one that will work for you and go with it. Be creative and see if you can come up with other ideas.

—> Business Cards
—> Bumper Stickers
—> T-Shirts
—> Free Newspaper Ads
—> Flyers
—> Word Of Mouth

1) Business Cards

Go down to your local office supply store and invest a few dollars in some blank business cards. Return home, fire up your computer, open Microsoft Paint and create your first advertising tool. Include your home business name, your website address and your contact information. Design a catchy logo for your card. Give them out to everyone you know. Encourage your friends and relatives to pass them out as well. Attach one to all of your correspondence. Be creative and consider other possibilities for circulating your business cards.

2) Bumper Stickers

Go down to your local print store and get an estimate for designing and printing bumper stickers. They are relatively inexpensive. If the cost is too high, create your own through Microsoft Paint or, if you can afford it, invest in a good software program for developing graphics and text. Include your work from home business name and website address. After you’re done, find a printer who will produce your stickers at a cost you can afford (any friends or family who know someone?). When you have your bumper stickers in hand pass them out to everyone. Put the first one on your own car.

3) T-Shirts

Create a T-shirt that has your home business name and your website address. If you cannot afford to have it done, develop your own design, print it out on your computer, buy a T-shirt and iron it on. If you have the extra money, create a few for family and friends. Wear your T-shirt everywhere, particularly where you might find your target audience.

4) Free Newspaper Ads

Think about the free publications (Nickel Ads, IGA Shopper etc.) that you find at your local supermarkets, convenience stores or fast food restaurants. Get about three of these newspapers and take them home. Sit down and create an advertisement that describes your home business, gives your website address and mentions your contact information. Thumb through these periodicals and look for a section or heading about placing an ad and follow their directions.

5) Flyers

Turn on your computer and go into Microsoft Works (or your graphics and text software). Using their templates, create a flyer that has all the essential information about your work from home business. Print out as many as you need and start distributing them. Disperse them in your neighborhood, retail establishments, grocery stores, restaurants, local colleges or anywhere else that you can (legally) advertise your home based business.

6) Word Of Mouth

The most powerful (and least expensive) form of advertising is word of mouth. This idea can be better developed after you get the ball rolling for your home business but, it will be the best and cheapest way to market your work from home venture. Once your reputation is established for providing excellent customer service your buyers will spread the good news to friends and family. Provide first rate service to your clients and your free publicity will develop.

Making money online requires a commitment of time, effort and capital for your work from home venture to be successful. You will need to invest your money on advertising for your home business. If your budget is small, these ideas will help elevate your presence for a modest amount. Focus on one or two concepts that will fit into your time, expenses and comfort zone or develop other ideas. The success of your online home enterprise is directly related to the effort that you deliver and the patience that you exhibit. On a small budget, the results may take longer but they will come.

“Nothing can be done except little by little.”

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